HTML: Heaven To My Loved ones
CSS: Christ’s Secret Society
JAVASCRIPT: Just Another Violent Atrocity Satan CReated In order to Perform Torture

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but its important


Dude in the middle looks like he could be a real prick.

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This photo was from several months ago. :-(


I don’t say this lightly,

but oh fuck

I live in LA so I just thought I’d add a little more information about this for those of you who don’ know a lot about the drought. 

here’s the latest updated map I could find

All of California is now in a moderate drought and above. As of August, over half of California is turning into the dark red zone, which is an exceptional drought, which is, of course, very bad. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that we are fined to up to $500 if we are seen wasting water (sprinklers watering the pavement instead of plants, etc), and some cities are enforcing water rationing laws.

Our agriculture and economy is even being affected. Many farmers are losing their jobs because their plants are dying and not being watered enough. Some farmers are tearing down many of their crops so that the water that would have been used for those can be used for other crops. I should remind you that California provides over half of the country’s food, so this will not only affect the people who live in California, but everyone in the U.S. as well.

There’s also a chance that if the drought continues for the next year, then there’s a chance that we might have to migrate out of California.

So, for those of you living in California, please conserve your water! Every drop counts! Even doing little things like throwing the ice cube you dropped into a plant to water it instead of throwing it into the sink will help! For more ways to save water, check here

sources: x x x x 

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The fact that trans women have just been completely booted out of this conversation on police brutality smfh…

In 2008, a black trans woman was severely beaten by police and was preparing to sue the Memphis Police Department. She was killed execution style shortly after and no one has yet to be arrested.. Her name was Duanna Johnson. Remember her name…


windows phone is so cute. look at how the face changes when you get messages


"aw you don’t have any messages, it’s okay you’re still special"


"oh shit you got a message you hella speical"


"holy fuck cheese on a ball you hella popular better answer these people"

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"And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention."
Recent picture taken in Gaza.

Remember this when you read reports of people ‘looting’ McDonalds tomorrow

Math and Science Week!
aseantoo submitted to medievalpoc:

Fe Del Mundo
[x], [x], [x], [x]
Fe Del Mundo (1911-2011) was a Filipina pediatrician, and the first woman to be admitted into Harvard Medical School. (They mistook her gender on the application form, but her credentials were so good they decided not to send her back. She may also have been the first Asian to attend.)
As a child, she’d already decided she wanted to be a doctor for the poor - three of her eight siblings died when they were kids. After her medical studies, she returned home to the Philippines, only to be plunged into the devastation of the Japanese military occupation of World War Two.
She volunteered to care for kids in the internment camp and set up a hospital there, earning her the nickname “The Angel of San Tomás”. She ended up heading a new children’s hospital during the war, that later evolved into a full-scale medical centre.
After the war, she opened the country’s first pediatric hospital, did pioneering research into infectious diseases like dengue fever, advocated family planning (controversial due to her Catholicism) and invented a bamboo incubator to be used in rural villages. And she went on working as a pediatrician well into her nineties.
So don’t mess with women in STEM. There’s every chance they will outlive you.
Wikipedia on Fe Del Mundo

Fucking badass.

@RussellWebster: Now they just say “Support ‘our’ police” and everyone knows what they mean.


All police are scum and part of a system historically designed to benefit whiteness and enforce white supremacy. There are no fucking exceptions.

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